Hash Markings

Blob of Flour - Trail Marker, if you see this then you are on trail
You’re Going the Right Way - If so see NO NO, then you are going the Wrong Way
True Trail Arrow - Hare’s Arrow, if you see this you are on!
Pack Arrow - FRB who thinks he/she is on trail, but beware as the they could be wrong
Bad Trail or BT - Go back to the check and look another direction
Back Check - The pack must go back whatever number of hash marks to find a different trail
Trail Check - True Trail goes in one of a variety of directions. Scatter and follow any marks that you find in hopes that it is the true trail
Major Check - Larger or more difficult trail check
Tit Check - Male hashers must wait for a female hasher to solve the check or a female can "persuade" them into helping her solve it for her
PET or Triple Split - Trail breaks into multiple directions. Penguin: Shortest Trail, Turkey: Medium Trail, Eagle: Longest Trail
Beverage Near - Known as Beer Near, is usually Water, Beer and/or Booze close by. Sometimes a SN is used instead of BN for Shots Near
ON IN - You’re near the trails end. At the end a circle will commence where you enjoy drinks and sing songs before heading to ON ON ON Brunch