Grand Masters - Fjord Sexplorer & The Whore of Sarajevo

Usually a previous Joint Master. If everything goes right, Grand Master does nothing. If everything goes wrong, this person does everything or just bitches about how it should be done. Either way, they really aren't as important as it seems and mostly act as an advisor.

Joint Masters - Fjord Sexplorer

The people who need to catch all the shit before it falls through the cracks. Trail, beverages, snacks, brunch, cash, giveaways… these people need to make sure the big top doesn't collapse on the circus.

Hare Raiser - Straight in the Navy

This is a social butterfly adept at tricking wankers into taking responsibility at the hash. This isn't an easy task. This person finds hares for each trail. If they do not find hares or if their hares bail, the Hare Raiser and the Hare Master will take on laying trail for the hash.

On-Sec - Saigon Sally and 3 Licks

A masochist's dream. This person is responsible for run count bookkeeping, off-site treasury, ordering and receiving, filing and lots of boring stuff you don't want to hear about. In truth, this is probably the most important person in the mismanagement. Buy this hasher a beer at prelube. Second thought, they control the money so maybe they should be buying you one.

Hash Cash - Knocked Up

This is the on-site cash collector at each run who assists the On-Sec with this and/or recording the run count on sign in. As opposed to On-Sec, Hash Cash does not need to do any preparation or work at home so this is a good job for someone looking to get their feet wet in mismanagement. You do need to harass people for late payments however. You can identify the Hash Cash by the Golden Beer Stein they carry because they are probably skimming it off the top before the On-Sec gets a hold of it.

Religious Advisors - Bumspringa

The individual who serves as the shepherd of our motely flock. She guides us to the promised land in the name of the beer, booze and brunch! Our spiritual leaders in the fellowship of Hashism, bring charisma and energy to a bunch of hungover hedonists, while ensuring perfect weather every Sunday. Religious advisors generally aren't as prepared as they should be but are great improvisational liars, making everything they spew sound good. Luckily, wankers are easily misled after a good prelubing!

Scribe - Open

This rare literate hasher is responsible for recording all the debauchery that occurs at the hash for posterity. This person collects and dolls out violations during the event, using creative license to enhance the quality of ridicule within the circle. This wanker is also responsible for posting hash trash at some point after the hash, before the next trail.

Haberdasher - Uppercunt

This hashionistas are responsible for making our entire hoard look just FABULOUS!!! The haberdashers work with the On-Sec and other members of mismanagement to brainstorm and order items for the haberdashery and then this peddler of wares gets to work selling our crap to anything that moves. “This will look just fabulous on you… especially when you're hungover in a bog… just fabulous!”

Hash Flash - Open

Get ready for your glamour shots.  This person is the one to be the photographer of our F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S hashers on trail, and of course all of its glorious shiggy or views.

Beermeister - F5

This person is one of the most import roles in Mismanagement; providing the end circle libations and ensuring that fulfill your quenched thirst after a long trail.

Webmeister - Straight in the Navy

Vital internet guru who keeps the cyber lines of communications connected. This person works closely with the Hare Raiser to get timely updates for the details on the next upcoming trail.

Hash Ho - Mismanagement

All members of mismanagement are responsible for being hash whores while in office, going to other area hashes and advertising H4 upcoming events whenever possible so as to gain participation and communication throughout the kennels. May hashing never die and if it does, may we die first!

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